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United States
BFA Theatre Design & Technology major. Working to go into the entertainment business, including doing performance work.
This account is primarily going to be an archive account of my past works. I'm looking into making a fresh, professional account once I've obtained my degree and start getting into my career, which will be in a couple years.
But I'm also not active anymore. Easy to tell for over a year now. I still won't be active for a long time.
I'm considering that, when/if I choose to post my art and join the community again, I'll make a new account that will showcase my professional work. I've stopped making for-fun art like I used to here with characters and fan art and requests, though occasionally I'll sketch up something for fun. For the most part though I've only been doing art for school.
Needless to say, a lot has happened since I've last truly hung around here as an active member. I graduated high school in May 2014 and worked to get my AA degree at my local college. My goal was to get it in a year, and because I'm slightly insane when it comes to dedication for a goal I actually did it (with dual enrollment from high school and taking summer courses added in the mix). I took an art class there for a semester which greatly helped when it came to traditional art, and I discovered that charcoal is my favorite traditional medium. I continued to stick with acting and worked to get into the musical theatre program at a bigger university that I was planning to transfer to (UCF). I auditioned and didn't get into acting, but after repeatedly looking at my options I decided to interview for their Theatre Design & Technology program.
And holy hell has my life been crazy since then.
I got accepted into that program and into the actual university itself, and once I completed my AA at my local college, I transferred right over. I'm just now at the end of my first semester in the program. Basically, everything about this program was different from my expectations. Their standards and the professional speed they put upon you right on the first day is huge. I came into the program looking to stick with what I know I want to do, and what I'm good at, and improve from there, which is illustration. Instead I've been trained in these 3 months to be an architect, electrician, set builder, and more. I've been reflecting on the semester by the end now and it just amazes me that I'm actually capable of this stuff, and can actually go and get a job involving this stuff, and actually know what the hell I'm doing. In just this short amount of time! Granted, the journey to here was hell. I'm not used to the almost daily sleep deprivation, the hard deadlines, the over-heavy amounts of stress, the lack of free time that I was used to having before. This program has made me break down from stress and I had declared many times that I'm going to leave and find something easier for the sake of my health. But naturally I'm still here wanting to continue at the end of it. Because, much as it stresses me out, I am at my best a work-a-holic with a drive for knowledge and ambition, and I like the results of me learning and adequately accomplishing all of these things I never thought I would do in such a short amount of time, let alone ever. Next up I'll be learning how to build costumes, do CADD and theatre rendering, enhance my stagecraft skills and learn how to weld metal, and more. I'm interested in the job prospects for me, which is a variety like I wanted- just.. a variety I didn't previously expect I would be doing. But, realistically, I think these skills will open up jobs with an easier access for me, which will further my goals to have a successful career. I will continue to do illustration for the entertainment business like I have wanted to do, but I will also have all these other things I can do as well. I also plan to practice different art mediums as well.
One thing I'm mainly looking to go into, though, is projection design, which is something I can go into as an independent study here. It pretty much involves having a knowledge in all aspects of theatre, especially costume and set design, and then implements light and sound design while including in animation, graphics work, and video design. Here's an example of projection design being used for Jennifer Lopez's dress during this solo. Projection design work is also used for events like the Super Bowl and the Olympics during their performance shows, and the work is taken onto Broadway and other aspects. Basically anybody who can afford to put projection design in their show, the projection designers will do the work. It's a very new form of art that came around in 1996 (ironically the year I was born) and it's still being discovered and tested in many areas. This stuff is hella cool to me and I'm insanely curious to try it out, but I'll have to wait until my second or third year in the program until I can take an independent study and try it out to see if I'll truly like it (which I think I will).
I'm still aiming for a general career in the entertainment business, both visual arts and performing arts. I can add on practical work to that as well, with working on light and sound, as well as being an assistant in multiple areas and who knows... maybe doing administrative work after a while? I'm not giving up on that goal of "doing a little bit of everything in the entertainment business" because I'm continuing to see that it's actually achievable and I'm not just a crazy dreamer after all. I'll continue to test and see what works for me, what I like to do best, and what will give me a lot of job prospects. Overall, things should be interesting.
I'll continue to pop in every now and then to lurk for a few minutes like I always have. I'm going to wait on posting art again though. I just don't feel the excitement or need to do so right now because I have no actual use for it until I have time to start building up a career. This program has me too busy to do outside work for the time being. But like I said: I'm considering making a fresh account when the time comes of me planning on getting my career going after all of this experience and improvement from school. Regardless, I'll likely have up a website. The website will be a primary networking source for me, and I'll use sites like DA to get me out there more.
I'll post another update in the future. Maybe a year, maybe many years. We'll see what happens.
Coincidentally, I'm seeing that a lot of artists I follow are in the same position in their life of going in and out of activity as they emerge into the bigger world. I guess you could consider that I've always been a part of the community- with all of you college artists gaining professional experience and getting a career started.
To whoever has actually read this: thank you for being you. Whoever you are. Bless you for actually being curious about what I've been up to. See you around.

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